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Converting OpenFlight Terrain and Models to MetaVR Formats

Converting OpenFlight Terrain and Models to MetaVR Formats


You can convert OpenFlight format terrain and models to the MetaVR's runtime formats by using MetaVR's free utilities that are distributed with VRSG:

  • terrex-oflt2Mds.exe – converts an OpenFlight format terrain database produced with Terra Vista or Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core) to MetaVR's Metadesic (MDS) round-earth terrain tiles format.
  • oflt2Hpx.exe – converts an OpenFlight format model to MetaVR's HPX model format.

These tools provide the means of both reusing legacy OpenFlight terrain and models in VRSG and the ability to create new terrain and models in OpenFlight format with tools such as Presagis Creator or Terra Vista.

MetaVR also provides a plugin for Presagis Creator that converts an OpenFlight format dynamic model to a model in MetaVR's HPX model format directly inside Creator. This plugin uses the OpenFlight API as part of the OpenFlight Developers Program, which provides access to OpenFlight Read/Write/Extension APIs for creating OpenFlight runtimes, converters, database extensions, and database optimization tools.

To use the model conversion plugin, first move the hpxPlugin.dll (which is installed with any MetaVR product) from the \MetaVR\Common\Util directory to the Creator\Plugins directory, and then start Creator. The \MetaVR\Common\Util directory also includes command-line converters for OpenFlight to MetaVR terrain and model formats.

Model in Presagis Creator, prior to exporting to OpenFlight format and use of the MetaVR conversion utility.

Currently, external references are not supported in the OpenFlight API for Plug-ins. However, the command-line versions of MetaVR's OpenFlight converters, which are distributed with any MetaVR software installation, do support external references. See the MetaVR VRSG User's Guide for information about using the OpenFlight-to-MetaVR format converters.

Note that attempting to convert a model that is in MetaVR's proprietary model format to another format is strictly prohibited by MetaVR's software license agreement.