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Nellis Air Force Base (KLSV)

Nellis Air Force Base

  • Imagery - 0.30 mpp commercial imagery of the Nellis airfield blended into 1 mpp imagery surrounding the area 
  • Elevation - Custom DEM overlaid on the source DEM to provide greater than 95% accuracy for runway elevations compared to FAA charts
  • Cultural features - Runway, runway lights and signage, 163 high-resolution, geolocated models of hangars, offices, storage facilities, and other buildings at the airfield, (48 unique geospecific models built from photos taken on-site), neighborhood of 644 residential houses (2 unique models); cultural lights (336,264 total light points), and 363 geotypical volumetric treesNote: Many of the cultural features of the virtual Nellis Air Force Base were created from photos taken at the actual site.

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