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Press Releases

The 30 PTMTs have been delivered to the NATO TLP based at Los Llanos Air Base, Albacete, Spain. (Image courtesy of the NATO TLP.)
09 / 21 / 2021
MVRsimulation delivers fixed-wing Part Task Mission Trainers to NATO TLP
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NATO TLP purchases MVRsimulation fixed-wing Part Task Mission Trainers - FINAL.pdf 458.8 KB
MVR simulation logo
09 / 08 / 2021
MetaVR changes name to MVRsimulation
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MetaVR changes name to MVRsimulation - FINAL.pdf 129.53 KB
MVRsimulation VRSG real-time scene visualizing the gaze of the wearer of a Varjo XR-3 mixed-reality headset through the collection of eye-tracking data. The scene features an FA-18C entity with Finnish markings in flight over 3D terrain of Albacete Air Base, Spain.
06 / 03 / 2021
MVRsimulation and Varjo introduce eye tracking visualization for performance review training
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MetaVR and Varjo introduce eye tracking capability for pilot performance review training - FINAL.pdf 230.63 KB
Upper left: MVRsimulation Terrain Tools 1.6 view of northwest Spain within Esri ArcMap. Right: two VRSG views rendering the terrain of Lugo province in the Galicia region of northwest Spain. Upper view shows the rendered town of Pedrafita do Cebreiro.
09 / 21 / 2020
MVRsimulation releases Terrain Tools 1.6
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MetaVR release Terrain Tools 1.6 - FINAL.pdf 364.97 KB
VRSG provides the simulator’s out-the-window view over MVRsimulation’s round-earth geospecific 3D terrain of CONUS (Image courtesy of ZedaSoft)
08 / 10 / 2020
MVRsimulation visuals for simulator delivered to FAA by ZedaSoft
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MetaVR visuals for simulator delivered to FAA by ZedaSoft - FINAL.pdf 350.25 KB
Image: The General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper RPAS flies over virtual geopsecific 3D terrain in MVRsimulation’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (MVRsimulation image).
04 / 30 / 2020
Additional MVRsimulation visuals ordered for the USAF MQ-9 simulator program
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Additional MetaVR visuals ordered for the USAF MQ-9 simulator program - FINAL.pdf 285.5 KB
A screenshot from MVRsimulation's Virtual Reality Scene Generator of the HH-60G Pave Hawk at the Auxiliary Helicopter Training Field
03 / 25 / 2020
MVRsimulation’s VRSG to provide visuals for US Air National Guard HH-60G Pave Hawk simulator
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MetaVR to provide visuals for HH-60G Pave Hawk simulator - FINAL.pdf 237.43 KB
D3A three station 'bring your own mortar' training concept demonstrator.
03 / 09 / 2020
D3A Defence, MVRsimulation industry team to demonstrate mortar training solution at DSET 2020
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D3A, MetaVR industry team to demonstrate Mortar training solution at DSET 2020 - FINAL.pdf 298.21 KB
Cockpit view from an F-16 simulator at Kelly Field with MVRsimulation VRSG. (Photo: USAF.)
02 / 05 / 2020
MVRsimulation visuals selected for more US Air National Guard F-16 sims
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MetaVR-visuals-additional-US-ANG-F16sims-NewsRelease-020520.pdf 435.61 KB
MVRsimulation deployable Joint Fires Trainer
12 / 02 / 2019
MVRsimulation to demonstrate at I/ITSEC 2019 low-cost deployable training systems
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MetaVR-IITSEC2019-demonstrates-land-based-Joint-Fires-training-scenario-120219.pdf 474.97 KB
MVRsimulation prototype Part Task Trainer F-18 Cockpit
12 / 02 / 2019
MVRsimulation demonstrates notional F/A-18 Block III Part Task Mission Trainer cockpit
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MetaVR demonstrates land-based Joint Fires training scenario.pdf 109.16 KB
STE RVCT Apache Cockpit
09 / 26 / 2019
Synthetic Training Environment (STE) Reconfigurable Virtual Cockpit Trainers
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MetaVR-providing-IGs-for-RVCTs-NewsRelease-092619.pdf 298.42 KB
MVRsimulation VRSG real-time scene of a T-1A entity in flight over virtual terrain of Pensacola, FL.
08 / 13 / 2019
USAF Combat System Officers use mixed reality MVRsimulation-based software for training
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MetaVR-USAF-CSOs-T1A-NewsRelease-081319.pdf 662.84 KB
MVRsimulation VRSG real-time scene of an F-16 entity in flight over MVRsimulation's geospecific 3D terrain of Buckley Air Force Base, and Aurora, and Greater Denver.
07 / 16 / 2019
Buckley Air Force Base receives MVRsimulation VRSG-equipped F-16C training simulators
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MetaVR-BuckleyAFB-NewsRelease-071619.pdf 166.57 KB
MVRsimulation VRSG scene of a Reaper RPA entity over virtual Kismayo, Somalia. Inset image shows VRSG's simulated RPA camera view.
06 / 27 / 2019
US Air Force orders more MJAT MQ-9 Reaper simulators with MVRsimulation IGs
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MetaVR-MJAT-NewsRelease-062719.pdf 647 KB

MetaVR has changed its name to MVRsimulation to align more closely with its growing suite of simulation products. The name change includes a new corporate logo and company website URL: