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Fallon Van Voorhis Field (KNFL)

Naval Air Station Fallon / VAN VOORHIS FIELD (KNFL)

  • Imagery - 1 mpp base imagery of CONUS++
  • Elevation - 10 meter NED
  • Cultural features - Runway, runway lights, geotypical buildings, runway lighting, built-in light-points, fences, and desert vegetation

Note: Virtual NAS Fallon Van Hoorhis Field is located within MetaVR's virtual Fallon Range Training Complex. Imagery of two of the Fallon target ranges was captured by MetaVR's small UAV for building 2 cm resolution terrain.

MetaVR has changed its name to MVRsimulation to align more closely with its growing suite of simulation products. The name change includes a new corporate logo and company website URL: