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Building 3D Virtual Worlds
Summary of MetaVR's Available 3D Databases
Rapid Terrain Creation
CONUS++ 3D Terrain
World 3D Terrain
Metadesic 3D Visualization Architecture
Dense Urban Model Creation
Kismayo, Somalia
Afghanistan Village
IED Detection Training
Fallon Target Ranges
Goldwater Range
Threshold Requirements for Simulating Terrain
Synthetic Vision
Modeling Urban Structures
UAV Imagery Collection for 3D Terrain
UAV Visualization
Urban Environments
PC-Based Render Engine
Aerial Refueling Simulation
JTAC Simulation Training Options
Other Providers
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The technologies used in MetaVR products include MetaVR's own innovations and associated Windows PC-based commercial technology advancements in the industry.

  Building 3D Virtual Worlds
Summary of MetaVR's Available 3D Terrain
These databases are a subset of the databases MetaVR has built with its terrain generation tools, and are available to customers with VRSG™ licenses at no cost beyond a fee for the hard drive on which they are delivered. more>
Virtual Kismayo Somalia 3D Terrain
The 3D geospecific terrain of the entire country of Kismayo covers 1,017 sq km, populated with hundreds of geographically specific culture models built from ground-level photographs taken on the streets of Kismayo. more>
Virtual Afghanistan Village 3D Terrain
The 3D geospecific terrain of the entire country of Afghanistan covers 647,500 sq. km, featuring a high-resolution virtual village with over 500 buildings in the Afghan province of Kabul. more>
CONUS++ 3D Metadesic Terrain
MetaVR's seamless 3D terrain of Continental USA plus Alaska and Hawaii (CONUS++) is constructed with DTED level 1 elevation data and with natural color imagery ranging from 0.24 to 1 meter-per-pixel (mpp) resolution for the CONUS area itself and DTED 0 to DTED 2 elevation data for Alaska and Hawaii with natural color imagery ranging from 0.25 to 2 meter resolution. more>
World 3D Round-Earth Terrain
MetaVR's round-earth Metadesic-format 3D terrain datasets of Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America. Terrain was built from 15 meters-per-pixel color imagery, with several areas of 60 cm high-resolution insets. Terrain elevation was based on 3-arcsecond DTED level 1 and void-filled SRTM elevation data, subsampled to achieve a nominal 60 m post spacing.
Metadesic Visualization Architecture
Metadesic™ is MetaVR's round-earth virtual terrain architecture that solves a variety of problems associated with projection-based, monolithic visual databases. more>
IED Detection Training
MetaVR's virtual Afghanistan terrain supports training high-altitude UAV operators to spot the locations of active improvised explosive devices (IEDs). more>
Threshold Requirements for Simulating Terrain for Ground Vehicles
Customers use MetaVR's 3D virtual-world creation and visualization products to prototype robotic and crew-based future-combat systems vehicles that use 1-meter elevation data and 30 centimeter imagery for their real-time simulated terrain. more>
Synthetic Vision Cockpit
Synthetic vision has the potential to improve safety in aviation through better pilot situational awareness and enhanced navigational guidance. more>
Modeling Urban Structures
Working with 3D modeling tools and image-editing tools, we use data such as site photographs, maps, and elevations to make site-specific culture models. more>
UAV Imagery Collection for 3D Terrain
MetaVR has established a low-cost aircraft data collection and processing workflow which yields real-time 3D terrain. The terrain is comprised of geographically specific 2 cm per-pixel resolution imagery. more>
UAV Visualization
MetaVR provides the visualization software for the largest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) simulation program in the United States. The MetaVR MUSE VRSG system provides the visualization system component for MUSE that generates synthetic payload scene video and/or imagery of the 3D battlefield with simulated target entities. more>
  PC-Based Render Engine
Multi-Channel PC Image Generator
The multi-channel IG is the VRSG render engine with added support for MetaVR's multi-channel control and synchonaization via CIGI. The UDP-based network interface enables your simulation model to control an unlimited number of VRSG channels. more>
Stereoscopic Views
In a stereoscopic setup, VRSG displays two views of the scene, one for your left eye and one for your right eye.  The two scenes represent two perspectives of the same scene, with a minor deviation exactly equal to the perspectives that both eyes naturally receive in binocular vision. The monitor and 3D glasses work with a NVIDIA Quadro or GeForce GPU. more>
Forward Observer Laser Designator
VRSG supports 3 or 6 degree-of-freedom position tracking technology from InterSense. This capability totally immerses users in a simulated world with either a handheld visual device or a head-mounted display. more>
ROVER Device
For fielding in JTAC simulation training facilities, VRSG works with ROVER devices. When the device is coupled with MetaVR's 3D visualization technology, VRSG generates the simulated 3D scene and the range and coordinates of a designated target on the device's monitor. more>
 Aerial Refueling Simulation
MetaVR's 3D military vehicle model library contains a set of aircraft models with sufficient geometric detail to simulate the challenging operation of aerial refueling.

With MetaVR VRSG, there are several ways you can simulate the functionality needed for JTAC warfighter training, from desktop to immersive dome systems.
JTAC Desktop System

 Urban Environments
MetaVR 3D Replica of Kismayo, Somalia
MetaVR's geospecific 3D database of the port city of Kismayo, Somalia is populated with hundreds of geospecific culture models built from ground-level photos taken on the streets of Kismayo. more>
MetaVR 3D Replica of Two Camp Pendleton Urban Training Sites
MetaVR has built a high-resolution geospecific 3D terrain of the Kilo 2 and Combat Town 25 MOUT sites at Camp Pendleton. more>
MetaVR 3D Replica of Leschi TownTraining Site at JBLM
MetaVR has built a high-resolution geospecific 3D terrain of the Leschi Town MOUT site at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. more>
MetaVR 3D Replica of SOTACC Village Urban Training Site at YPG
MetaVR has built a high-resolution geospecific 3D terrain of the SOTACC Village MOUT site at Yuma Proving Ground. more>
MetaVR 3D Replica of Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) Urban Training Environment
MetaVR's high-resolution geospecific 3D terrain of the Aberdeen Test Center includes a photo-specific inset of ATC's MOUT site at Mulberry Point. more>
MetaVR 3D Replica of Baghdad Green Zone for Urban Training
MetaVR developed the 270 km x 200 km 3D terrain using its terrain tools. Nine built-up regions were developed, each with approximately 885,000 polygons per scene; the Green Zone is one of six regions in Baghdad. more>
MetaVR 3D Replica of Ft. Campbell Special Operations Urban Training Environment
The multi-resolution elevation data sets were automatically compiled and produced a detailed tinned area of the MOUT site that shows subtle terrain relief. more>
Extended Ft. Benning Urban Site
Using 0.5 meter resolution imagery with 30 meter elevation data of the Ft. Benning area, the extended 30 x 40 km McKenna terrain database was built more>
Micro-UAV Training in an Urban Environment
With MetaVR simulation technology, you can prototype and develop urban training systems and test them in a simulated urban environment that very closely matches reality. more>

 Other Providers
Providers of complementary technology used in visualization simulation.
FBX Support
MetaVR utility for converting FBX models to MetaVR's model format. more>
OpenFlight Support
MetaVR utilities for converting OpenFlight models and databases to MetaVR formats. more>
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