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Summary of MetaVR's Distributed 3D Terrain

 3D Terrain distributed with each VRSG software release

Installed with each new or upgrade Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™) software license are two demonstration terrain databases in MetaVR's round-earth Metadesic terrain format: the port city of Kismayo, Somalia, and a village based on Khairabad in Afghanistan's Kabul province. These databases, which are subsets of larger terrain sets, are delivered with scenarios you can run in VRSG to get a sense of some of VRSG's capabilities. The scenarios were created in VRSG Scenario Editor, which is delivered with VRSG.

MetaVR's virtual Kismaayo, Somalia, 3D terrain.
Port city of Kismayo, Somalia.

MetaVR's virtual Khairabad, Kabul province, Afghanistan 3D terrain. Detail of Khairabad, Kabul province, Afghanistan.

The terrain sets shown above are a subset of the 3D terrain MetaVR has built with its Terrain Tools for Esri arcGIS. A terrain set can be purchased in OpenFlight format with various license schemes, should you require the terrain for an alternative visual system or simply have the ability to edit the terrain for use with MetaVR software.

Click here to view real-time recordings of scenarios rendered in VRSG featuring these and other terrain databases that MetaVR has built. Many of the media clips were recorded with VRSG's real-time recording feature.

 CONUS++ AND WORLD terrain sets

MetaVR also offers the following 3D terrain datasets in round-earth Metadesic terrain format on their own hard drives:

One of several modeled airports on MetaVR's CONUS++ 3D terrain. MetaVR's virtual Buckley Air Force Base, CONUS++ terrain..

Camp Pendleton training site of MetaVR's CONUS++ 3D terrain. One of MetaVR's two Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton virtual MOUT sites, CONUS ++ terrain.

All terrain data sets contain high-resolution insets of many areas of interest.

The CONUS++, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America terrain sets are delivered upon request (to qualified customers as described below), at no cost beyond a fee for the hard drive distribution media and a nominal fee for processing large quantities of data.

 HOW TO OBTAIN 3D terrain sets

If you are already a MetaVR customer with a VRSG license under active maintenance, you can order CONUS++, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, North America, or South America terrain sets with a point release update of VRSG directly from MetaVR.

MetaVR's virtual Dubai 3D terrain.MetaVR's virtual replica of Dubai, from 3D terrain of Asia.

virtual replica of Monte Real Air Base, Portugal. MetaVR's virtual replica of Monte Real Air Base, Portugal, from 3D terrain of Europe.

All MetaVR 3D terrain described on this page is available, upon request, to MetaVR customers who are on active VRSG software maintenance and are US Government or NATO agencies or contractors (for official use only). All virtual terrain requires the latest release of VRSG. The terrain is provided in MetaVR's round-earth (Metadesic) terrain format and will only run with a valid VRSG software license. All the 3D terrain sets were developed with MetaVR internal funding and are not part of any government program that grants general access to the terrain databases in any other format.

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