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Correlation Between SAF Databases and MetaVR's 3D Terrain Database Format

You can compare database correlation between SAF formats with MetaVR™ Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™) terrain format in the following images of MetaVR's Afghanistan terrain.

Comparison of a mission exercise on MetaVR's Afghanistan database rendered in Battlespace Simulations' (BSI's) Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE). On the left, MACE mission planning tools on the correlated 2D MACE database built from the same source data as the VRSG 3D view on the right. Images courtesy of BSI.
BSI MACE's mission planning tools on its correlated SAF 2D Afghanistan database. Mission exercise on MetaVR's Afghanistan database rendered in the VRSG view in BSI MACE.
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As a DIS-based simulation application, VRSG is compatible with SAF applications such as OneSAF, JointSAF, XCITE, and commercial systems such as BattleSpace Simulations’ Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE). Systems such as MACE and XCITE which can utilize Metadesic (MDS) terrain tiles for their elevation source can enjoy fully correlated databases without the need for ground-clamping.

Databases derived from third-party products, such as Presagis Terra Vista, can also achieve full correlation provided the Metadesic terrain tiles were produced from the OpenFlight output from the same Terra Vista project that rendered the SAF representation of the database.

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