MetaVR VRSG Demonstration With
HTC VIVE and V-280 Valor Entity
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This real-time VRSG video is a demonstration rendered both within and apart from the HTC VIVE virtual reality system. The scenario depicts a high-resolution V-280 Valor entity taking off from a CVN-77 entity located in the virtual Strait of Hormuz. Viewpoints range from looking down at the flight deck from the bridge to VIVE sequences from inside the V-280 cockpit.

The scene at 42 seconds is a simulation of the Distributed Aperture System, which uses externally mounted cameras enabling the pilot to "see" through the aircraft. When the pilot looks at what would otherwise be the walls and floor of the cockpit, his helmet will instead show the outside of the aircraft as recorded by the outside cameras.

The scenario was built in MetaVR's VRSG Scenario Editor.

Opening photo credit:
Courtesy of Bell Helicopter.



We recommend that you view the video in HD full-screen mode.

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