MetaVR VRSG F-16 Flight Demonstration
Over Florennes Air Base, Belgium,
3D Terrain
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This real-time VRSG video is a flyover demonstration that features an F-16 entity in flight over virtual Florennes Air Base, Belgium, and the surrounding Flanders environment. The virtual geospecific terrain was built in our round-earth Metadesic™ terrain format with MetaVR Terrain Tools for Esri® ArcGIS® from 10 cm per-pixel resolution source imagery of the air base blended into 25 cm imagery of the surrounding Florennes\Wallonia region. The 3D terrain was compiled using DTED2 elevation source data. The 3D culture includes a runway, taxiways, tarmacs, runway lights, signage, antennas, instruments, grass/tree vegetation and several geospecific models of the control tower and other air base buildings. The air base models were built from publicly available photos and then geolocated on the terrain in VRSG Scenario Editor. The surrounding culture of 41,000 building models were generated in generated in Esri CityEngine® from building footprint data. The terrain database also includes over 395,000 tree models. The 3D buildings also contain emissive light-map textures for nighttime lighting.


We recommend that you view the video in HD full-screen mode.

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