Close Air Solutions' Hyper Real Immersion™ (HRI) Concept Demonstration Back to MetaVR Videos

This Close Air Solutions video is a demonstration of the Hyper Real Immersion™ (HRI) concept at I/ITSEC 2017. HRI is a Close Air Solutions project that brings all the advantages of simulation into the live environment, using cutting edge technology to deliver immersive, outdoor, mixed reality training. Project development is supported by MetaVR and Battlespace Simulations (BSI).
This video shows what the mixed reality perspective will look like via a demonstration of what occurred on Close Air Solutions' phase 2 Trial of HRI. It shows a mixed reality perspective from the roof of Berry Hill, at RAF Spadeadam. Photo realistic synthetic entities including buildings, vehicles and personnel, are controlled using BSI's MACE and rendered in MetaVR's VRSG on top of a highly accurate synthetic representation of the physical terrain. The synthetic and physical scenes are then combined to provide a truly compelling mixed reality experience.


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