Battlespace Simulations' Green Screen
Test with Two VRSG Channels, MACE,
and Oculus Rift
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This video shows an application of augmented visualization where our resourceful business partner Battlespace Simulations (BSI) made a video with three video captures from Open Broadcast Software (OBS) of two VRSG real-time graphics channels and a webcam view of the person in the simulator.

One VRSG view is a cockpit view, facing backward, recording the flight over MetaVR's Afghanistan virtual terrain as seen from the tail of the aircraft. The second VRSG view is in the Oculus Rift (displaying two viewports – one for each eye), with the BSI's Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) user interface sitting on top of the VRSG feed and as well providing the flight dynamics. The third input is a webcam view of the person in the cockpit, who was sitting in front of a green screen.

This setup has many applications for after action review (AAR) of flight scenarios. The video was minimally edited in Adobe Premiere, to replace the green screen with the VRSG view of Afghanistan terrain (via chroma key substitution) and to composite the three video streams. Watch for the flare dispensing at 3:34 minutes!


We recommend that you view the video in full-screen mode.

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