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Using a Gamepad or Joystick With VRSG Back to VRSG Overview

Gamepads and joysticks are not generally used in VRSG, except in the following cases:

• Flying around the terrain database in fixed-wing mode; press F11 on your keyboard to activate fixed wing mode.

• Controlling a simulated UAV camera in UAV View (slave) mode, which enables you to attach to a DIS entity that supplies the UAV airframe telemetry. In this mode, VRSG uses an internal sensor payload model, which requires an attached joystick to pan and zoom the camera.

• Creating a dismounted character to perform activities on the database in VRSG First Person Simulator; press F9 on your keyboard to instantiate an FPS character (as described below).

VRSG works with any 8-button 4-axes input device for which the vendor provides a Windows Joystick driver. For ease of use in manipulating a character in FPS, MetaVR strongly recommends the Logitech F310 Gamepad. This device is supported by Windows and VRSG without the need to install any additional software.

Using a gamepad with First Person Simulator

The Logitech gamepad is MetaVR's device of choice for using with VRSG FPS. With two analog sticks, digital buttons, precise D-pad, and smooth, precise action, the gamepad is the ideal input device for manipulating the character's movements, and various functions such as firing weapons, laser ranging or designating in JTAC/CAS mode, and so on.

Logitech F310 Gamepad

Summary of FPS functions mapped to the F310 gamepad:

  • The D-pad controls the viewing mode: third-person, first-person, JTAC, and scope viewing modes.
  • The left thumbstick controls the movement of the FPS character, like a joystick. Pressing down on the thumbstick changes the character’s posture.
  • The right thumbstick controls the viewing angle (head angle) relative to the FPS character’s body. Press down on the right thumbstick to magnify the view.
  • Button B fires a round of the currently selected weapon or laser designates (in JTAC mode).
  • Button A cycles through the available firing modes: Safe, Deployed, Single Shot, Semi-Automatic, and Stowed (disarmed).
  • Button X selects the laser code, when you are in JTAC mode.
  • Button Y tracks a location on the ground.
  • Button RB toggles auto-zooming while you are tracking an entity or a position on the ground.
  • Mode button reloads the currently selected gun with another clip of ammunition.
  • Start button recenters the head of the FPS character.


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