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First Person Simulator (FPS)

To simulate interaction among human characters in a networked MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™) session, you can use VRSG First Person Simulator™ (FPS) to control your character and view the scene from the character’s point of view.

Real-time MetaVR VRSG rendering featuring a JTAC team on MetaVR's geospecific 2 cm per-pixel resolution synthetic 3D terrain of the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground (YPG).
Real-time MetaVR VRSG rendering featuring a JTAC character at the port of MetaVR's virtual Kismayo, Somlaia, synthetic terrain.

FPS creates a simulation of a dismounted infantry character within VRSG; for example it provides a way to simulate the individual for mission training set within urban terrain or mountainous villages or littoral settings.

Real-time MetaVR VRSG scene from a Kismayo scenario featuring activities of Al Shabaab militants.
Real-time MetaVR VRSG scene from a Kismaayo scenario featuring activities of Al Shabaab militants.

By manipulating a gamepad you can control your first-person portrayal and actions such as standing, walking forward or backward, kneeling, walking crouched, crawling, firing a weapon, and lying prone. In addition to controlling the character’s movements, the gamepad accesses various functions such as firing weapons, or laser ranging and target designating in JTAC/CAS mode.

MetaVR VRSG scene in FPS designate mode.
MetaVR VRSG real-time scene in FPS laser designation mode within the high-resolution modeled village on MetaVR's Afghanistan virtual terrain.

Current FPS features include:

  • Multiple firing modes for an individual weapon, with enhanced sighting devices: single-shot, semi-automatic, fully automatic, thermal, flashlight, and so on
  • Complete soldier animation, which includes lying in a prone position, crawling, kneeling, standing, walking, running, and falling after being shot which match appearance bits in the DIS Entity State PDU
  • Gamepad-controlled walking and running speeds
  • Sound effects, such as walking, weapons fire, and battlefield background sounds
  • Collision detection, for example when a soldier collides with building walls, and cannot walk through buildings
  • Support for forward area controller (FAC)-type actions in JTAC Close Air Support simulations between aircraft and ground systems
  • Reticle cross hairs and laser pointer toggle on the gamepad
  • Third-person mode, which is similar to the “tethered-fixed” stealth mode
  • User definable guns
  • Advanced sound effects, such as changing clips, out-of-ammunition, and the sound of a soldier being hit
  • User-configurable data tables that map markings on the front and back of a soldier to participant names
  • Unstick function to climb over obstacles as high as four feet, such as fences and guard rails
  • Ammunition types and number of rounds-per-clip (user-definable)
  • Damage assessment for modeling features such as body armor (user-definable)
  • Re-incarnation period for demonstrations and training (user-definable)

Support for JTAC/FAC-type actions includes:

  • Simulated laser designator view with user-definable magnification level
  • Designating laser that issues Designator PDUs to support precision guided munitions (PGMs)
  • User-definable set of selectable laser codes
  • Ranging laser for target geolocating


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