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JTAC Simulation Training: Desktop JTAC Simulator

Several AFSOC, ACC, and ASOS JTAC training sites in the US are using MetaVR and Battlespace Simulations’ (BSI's) Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) desktop simulation system.

As part of an award made by Special Operations Command to BSI, two classrooms of JTAC desktop simulators were installed in early 2017 at the Special Tactics Training Squadron (STTS) simulation facility at Hurlburt Field.

classrooms of JTAC desktop simulators at the STTS simulation facility at Hurlburt Field
One of two classrooms of JTAC desktop simulators at the Special Tactics Training Squadron (STTS) simulation facility at Hurlburt Field. (Photo courtesy of BSI.)

This JTAC simulator was accredited in 2012 by the Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee for JTAC training. The system is accredited for types 1, 2, 3 for both day and night, and for laser target designation with simulated military laser, in accordance with the JTAC Memorandum of Agreement. Type 1 accreditation requires either a head-mounted display (HMD) or a 220+ degree FOV dome display.

The JTAC desktop  simulator: pilot station, role player station, and instructor station.
A full JTAC simulation system with role player station, instructor station, and JTAC trainee station.

The JTAC simulator is comprised of BSI's Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) entity generator and MetaVR’s Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) and is ideally suited for both standalone mission rehearsal and distributed mission simulation. Both MACE and VRSG are also used in the AAJTS dome trainer.

The JTAC simulation training system at AFSOC sites is called the AFSOC JTAC Simulator (AJS) desktop system. Click here for more information about the AJS desktop system.

Detail of AFSOC JTAC Simulator at Kadena AFB.   Detail of AFSOC JTAC Simulator at Mildenhall RAF.
The AFSOC JTAC simulator; two photos of the JTAC trainee station.

The ACC and ASOS JTAC simulation training system is called the JTAC-TACP/Operational Simulation Suite (J-T/OSS) v2.0 Desktop system.

The J-T/OSS simulator.   The J-T/OSS simulator.
The J-T/OSS system at Nellis Air Force Base.

MetaVR and BSI’s JTAC simulator enables students to train on a virtual battlefield with close air support interfaces, such as 9-Line, 5-Line, and Call for Fire. The JTAC trainee also has VRSG channels available in the form of a monocular/binocular used for laser range finding and target designation with a simulated SOFLAM or Mark VIIE laser range finder/laser designator as well as a full motion video ROVER-type feed for external targeting information. The system has a variety of Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) tools, including DIS radios and a DIS recorder for recording and AAR/playback of missions. The instructor can control all constructive entities (including attacking aircraft and artillery), as well as ground entities and threats.

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