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MetaVR Complete Systems

MetaVR customers might benefit from a complete solution for virtual world navigation. MetaVR can deliver its software on state-of-the-art personal computers. A complete VRSG system with MetaVR software and available terrain databases preinstalled, includes a Windows PC with the latest in high-end PC gaming components.

Our virtually integrated partnership with a just-in-time assembly facility in the Boston, MA, metropolitan area enables us to deliver custom personal computer systems on a zero inventory, build-to-order basis. MetaVR runs full burn-in and networking tests on all systems before shipping them to your site. We can also recommend component-by-component choices for your system.

MetaVR can process and return an individual quote once your system requirements are codified (usually within 48 hours). Because we maintain no hardware inventory, we provide just-in-time pricing quotes to get the most current system components at the lowest price. Our market research continually attempts to define the best possible system the industry has to offer.

MetaVR products run on a variety of Windows-based computers that meet our recommended system requirements. We recommend the complete systems listed below as a general guideline:

MetaVR complete systems have the following warranty and delivery policies that make our systems even more compelling:

  • One year free hardware parts depot on any defective component
    resulting in normal use. 
  • One year free hardware technical support and labor during normal business hours
  • Four week or less build time from receipt of purchase order (requires confirmation before processing).
  • One- or two-day Federal Express delivery available, per our shipping policy.
  • Technical support and maintenance for MetaVR software free of charge for one year from delivery date.
  • Extensive 72-hour system burn-in and hardening before delivery. 

You can make use of our expertise at obtaining the right system for your needs or use the Internet to find the lowest cost items and build your own system using our recommended system configuration. Please contact us for a current quote on the recommended system or suggest a system more specific to your needs. Stated prices might vary depending upon market conditions; the prices assume Net 10 payment terms and are exclusive of shipping costs.

This page was last updated on July 2, 2018. All specifications and configurations on this page are subject to change without notice.

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