MetaVR Featured Model: V-280A  
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  Detail of MetaVR's xxxx model. Detail of the interior of MetaVR's xxx model.
  Detail of the munitions carried by the V-280A model. Detail of the cockpit interior of the V-280A model.
V-280 A
  This tiltrotor model, which has a fully modeled cockpit, is comprised of 120,419 triangles and 147 MB of textures, and has been added to MetaVR's 3D Content Military Entity Library. The model has 9 articulated parts. The munitions, hatch, rotor blades, landing gear, and pilots are controlled on appearance switch states.

The V-280A model is available for download to MetaVR customers on active software maintenance. MetaVR models are encrypted and require a hardware dongle to view. Click here to request a MetaVR download account if you do not already have an account (and your MetaVR product is on active maintenance).

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