MetaVR Featured Model: Scorpion ISR Tactical Jet  
  MetaVR Scorpion ISR jet model.
  Detail of MetaVR's Scorpion model. Detail of MetaVR's Scorpion model.
  Detail of the cockpit of the Scorpion model. Detail of the Scorpion model.
  This Scorpion ISR tactical jet model, which has a fully modeled cockpit, is comprised of 108,106 triangles and 48.1 MB of 19 textures, has been added to MetaVR's 3D Content Military Entity Library. The model has 12 articulated parts. The munitions, landing gear, power plant, and pilots are controlled on appearance switch states.

The model was built for the Textron AirLand Scorpion Concept Demonstration simulator, built by ZedaSoft with MetaVR visuals.

The Scorpion model is available for download to MetaVR customers on active software maintenance. MetaVR models are encrypted and require a hardware dongle to view. Click here to request a MetaVR download account if you do not already have an account (and your MetaVR product is on active maintenance).

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