MetaVR Featured Model: DWL002 Passive Detection System  
  Details of MetaVR's DWL002 model.
  Photo of actual DWL002. Real-time MetaVR VRSG scene with DWL002 model.
       Photo of DWL002 passive detection system.           VRSG view of MetaVR's DWL002 model.
DWL002 Passive Detection System
  The DWL002 passive detection radar system model is comprised of 36,763 polygons and 56 MB of textures, and was recently added to MetaVR's 3D Content Military Entity Library. The model features 2 telescoping wideband aperture masts (2), a lowband aperature, articulated cab doors, and illuminating head and tail lights.

The new DWL002 passive detection system, or emitter locating system (ELS), from China is comprised of one master reconnaissance station and two client stations. The system can be expanded to four stations and outfitted on trucks. The DWL002 has a detection range of 400 kilometers for fighter aircraft and 600 kilometers for airborne early warning and control aircraft. China claims the system has a new passive detection radar capable of identifying stealth aircraft.

The DWL002 model is available for download to MetaVR customers on active software maintenance. MetaVR models are encrypted and require a hardware dongle to view. Click here to request a MetaVR download account if you do not already have an account (and your MetaVR product is on active maintenance).
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