MetaVR Featured Model: AFT-10 Anti-Tank Missile System  
   MetaVR's ATF-10 model.
  MetaVR's AFT-10 model.   MetaVR's AFT-10 model.
  On the left: Thermal view of the AFT-10.CN model. One launch tube is uncovered and is empty, denoting a launched HJ-10 missile. The tube is thermally hot, denoting the recent missile launch. The other tubes are covered, indicating munitions are housed within; these tubes are not thermal hot from any launch. The empty tube is the hottest item in the image with adjacent tubes showing some heat from the launch. The adjacent tube above the empty tube is uncovered and preparing to fire. The engine compartment and tracks are still thermally hot from a recent road march.

On the right: Detail of the AFT-10.CN model's launcher that houses the HJ-10 missiles.
AFT-10 anti-tank missile system
  The AFT-10 Chinese anti-tank missile system model, comprised of 91,024 triangles and 98 MB of textures, was recently added to MetaVR's 3D Content Military Entity Library. The AFT-10 model features switch states for raising and lowering the radar, raising and lowering the launcher, opening/closing each of the eight launch tubes that house the HJ-10 missiles, presence and deployment of each missile and its afterburner, and vehicle damage state. The model also has an articulated launcher turret and radar turret and is available in three paint schemes.

The AFT-10 anti-tank missile system uses the chassis of the ZBD-004A infantry fighting vehicle and a single launcher for carrying eight HJ-10 guided missiles. The sytem can engage enemy tanks, armored vehicles, low-flying helicopters, and buildings and field fortifications. The AFT-10 is operated by a crew of three, commander, driver, and operator. The AFT-10 is fully amphibious; propelled by its tracks on rhe water surface.

The AFT-10 model is one of over 7,000 models available for download to MetaVR customers on active software maintenance. MetaVR models are encrypted and require a hardware dongle to view. Click here to request a MetaVR download account if you do not already have an account (and your MetaVR product is on active maintenance).

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