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Using a 6DOF Controller With VRSG

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VRSG functions available in the visualization window map to buttons located on supported 6DOF controllers. VRSG supports the latest 6DOF controllers from 3dconnexion.

Using the SpaceMouse and SpacePilot

3Dconnexion's SpaceMouse Pro and SpacePilot Pro controllers use a knob called a "controller cap" which provides the 3D navigation by flexing in all directions. When you use the device with VRSG, moving the cap left or right pans in those directions, pulling and pushing pans up and down, moving toward or away from you zooms in and out, and rotating or tilting the cap spins about its various axes. With six degrees of freedom, you can flex the cap in all directions.

Each device has multiple buttons that map to six functions in VRSG.

3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro and SpacePilot Pro 6DOF controllers.                    


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