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MetaVR News Release   October 18, 2013  

  Ramstein Rover  

Ramstein Rover JTAC Dome at London CAS Conference

Brookline, MA, USA, 17 October, 2013 – MetaVR real-time 3D visualization technology was used in an immersive dome simulator as part of an annual NATO exercise for training Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs)/Forward Air Controllers (FACs). This year’s Ramstein Rover 2013 training event was held during September at the Namest Air Base, Czech Republic. Over the course of 9 days some 45 JTAC teams from 17 countries executed 104 close air support simulation missions in the US Air National Guard Advanced JTAC Training System (AAJTS) prototype simulator.

The 4-meter dome AAJTS prototype uses MetaVR’s visuals and geospecific 3D terrain and will be exhibited at the 11th annual Close Air Support Conference and Exhibition, to be held at the Old Royal Naval College, King William Walk, Greenwich, London, October 23rd – 25th, 2013. MetaVR is again the lead sponsor of the Close Air Support Conference, which is the leading unclassified forum for close air support at the tactical level in Europe.

Out of the 104 simulator missions conducted in the AAJTS prototype simulator at Ramstein Rover 2013, 96 missions passed and were accepted as valid training exercises by NATO. (Instructors did not pass trainees on 8 missions as the missions were not completed within the allotted time.) Missions included Type 1, 2, and 3 controls with laser designation and both day and night operations. The objective was to facilitate quality synthetic training in a joint fires environment, using NATO assets likely to be encountered in theater. Taking into account the capability and real time decisions of the JTAC/FAC, the missions provided the means to emulate the different airborne platforms and weapon systems, which in turn enabled the JTAC trainees to exercise key decision-making skills. Processes such as weapon-to-target matching for effective, proportional response and theater rules of engagement were all put to the test throughout the simulation training missions in the AAJTS immersive environment.

The AAJTS is a fully immersive simulator designed to support US Air National Guard JTAC and combat controller squadron-level continuation, qualification and mission rehearsal training. The simulator encompasses high-fidelity visual displays, geo-specific visual databases, equipment emulators, and associated hardware and software. The simulator is designed to meet the requirements for unit training at US Air Support Operations Squadrons and Special Tactics Squadrons. The AAJTS is provided by QuantaDyn and is comprised of, in part, commercial off-the-shelf components provided by Battlespace Simulations (semi-automated forces and instructor operator station), Immersive Display Solutions (immersive dome), MetaVR (image generator and terrain), Close Air Solutions (training expertise), and ASTi (voice communication and sounds), all of which supported the AAJTS at the Ramstein Rover 2013 training event.

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