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VRSG Virtual World Camera

Using VRSG’s virtual world camera, you can capture a still image of an area displayed on the screen in the visualization window and save it to the Windows Clipboard or to a file. (The output option is set in the Dashboard Preferences tab.) You can then use the image in any application that accepts image files, and optionally annotate it as shown in the example below.

MetaVR uses the virtual camera to create screen captures for documents such as conference papers, marketing literature, advertisements, and product user’s guides. This feature is also used to create images of real-time virtual world scenes for the MetaVR web site.

The virtual camera can be an important tool for After Action Review (AAR) presentations of simulation experiments. For example, you can place the virtual world images in a PowerPoint document and create an annotated presentation of a simulation exercise.

Still images from the virtual world are also useful in a shared whiteboard application, during an exercise, or for reviewing terrain work in a distributed environment:

Sharing still images captured in VRSG's visualization window is a useful way to hold collaborative reviews of terrain development in a distributed environment.


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