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Insitu UAS Training Incorporates MetaVR Visuals

Insitu, Inc. of Bingen, Washington, uses MetaVR VRSG in one of its Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) trainers. The Insitu unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a compact, economical, long endurance UAV suited for land- and maritime-based commercial, military, and homeland security applications.

VRSG rendering of MetaVR's 3D model of an Insitu UAV, flying over virtual Afghanistan terrain.
MetaVR 3D model of Insitu Scan Eagle in flight over MetaVR's virtual Afghanistan terrain.
Click to view an enlarged version of the image.

The Insitu UAV is four feet long with a 10-foot wingspan, and carries a payload of up to 13 pounds. Capable of flying above 16,000 feet, the UAV normally provides persistent low-altitude reconnaissance. Its inertially stabilized camera turret mounted on the nose of the aircraft can house either an electro-optical daylight or infrared camera and can track stationary or moving targets of interest for extended periods of time.

  Photo of ScanEagle on its SuperWedge launcher.   MetaVR 3D models of Insitu UAV and SuperWedge launcher.
  Photograph of the Insitu UAV on its SuperWedge™ launcher.    VRSG screenshot of MetaVR's Insitu UAV model on the SuperWedge™ launcher model.

The Insitu UAS includes the UAV, SuperWedge™ catapult launcher, SkyHook™ retriever, and a mobile ground control component, all of which have a small footprint and are quickly reconfigurable in the field. Designed for continuous missions of over 15 hours, and without requiring a runway for launch or retrieval, the UAV can be used for operations in non-traditional UAV environments, such as the ocean or rugged terrain.

MetaVR VRSG sceenshot of MetaVR's 3D model of the Insitu Scan Eagle providing surveillance.
VRSG rendering of MetaVR's 3D model of the Insitu UAV, providing surveillance of a street in virtual Kismayo, Somalia.


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