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Artillery Trainer and Simulation System

MetaVR VRSG supports the forward observer Artillery Trainer and Simulation System (ATSSCz). The scalable system was developed in response to the need for operational training in the use of an Artillery Fire Control System, laser range finder, thermal imager, and night vision binoculars. MetaVR technology also supports the simulation of target laser designation (illumination) for network distributed simulation and simulated Lightweight Laser Designator Rangefinders (LLDR).

Below on the left is the actual physical device consisting of the Halem II Hand-held Laser Rangefinder, SOPHIE Hand-Held Thermal Imager, and SG12F/LRF Digital Goniometer device used by the customer. To the right is an analogous simulated GLTD II device by Minerva Engineering.

 Minerva GLTDII emulator

Image on the right courtesy of Minerva Engineering.

The ATSSCz is designed to be a cost-effective method for operational training of the forward observer task whereby ground forces direct artillery onto targets using portable view magnification and laser range finder devices. Used for training all levels of army artillery personnel the integrated system simulates field equipment complete with virtual environments and simulated battlefield scenarios. Using multi-task level training in a variety of environments and with semi-automated forces and simulated equipment, the system supports role training for forward observers, fire support officers, battalion, battery, and gun operators.

Below on the left is the full ATSSCz simulation suite; on the right is an associated MetaVR VRSG simulated out-the-optics view for the laser range finder and thermal imaging devices.

          Out-the-optics view of a scene on MetaVR's Afghanistan terrain.

VRSG has successfully been used to generate virtual scenes on a central screen, in simulated military equipment, and on computer monitors at the student stations. Semi-Automated Forces (SAF) has been integrated to provide constructive simulation functions and works synchronously with VRSG. The ATSSCz, including the VRSG component, is able to interface with external simulations running the Distributed Interactive Simulations (DIS) protocols. The training system is interoperable with the existing MetaVR-based three-channel T-72 tank simulators at the Brno Military Academy in the Czech Republic.

MetaVR has worked to meet other functional requirements of the ATSSCz including the models, terrain databases, and implementation of coordinated illumination missions.

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