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MetaVR Policy on Transferring a Software License

Transferring a MetaVR VRSG™ (versions 3 through 6) or MetaVR Terrain Tools for ESRI® ArcGIS® software product from one computer to another simply requires the installation of the licensed MetaVR product. Authentication of the software product license on a particular computer requires the presence of the product’s dongle, as described in the MetaVR Product Installation Guide.

Version 2 of VRSG cannot be transferred from one machine to another. The technical support for this version has been discontinued.

Limitations on permitted transfers of MetaVR software license to a third party is subject to the terms of the current MetaVR’s end-user license agreement.

This policy page was last updated on July 14, 2016. All policies on this page are subject to change without notice.

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