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MetaVR 3D Content Libraries

MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™) includes substantial libraries of 3D content, totalling over 7,600 models. All models in the libraries are in MetaVR's model format. You can use these models to populate the virtual worlds rendered in VRSG with cultural features and to interact with networked character and vehicle entities in real time to carry out simulation and training scenarios.

MetaVR updates the model libraries frequently (approximately every two weeks) with new models in support of Combat Air Force Distributed Mission Operations (CAF DMO) requirements. MetaVR customers on active software maintenance can download the latest models from MetaVR's Download Server at no additional charge. (Click here to request an account on MetaVR's Download Server.)

All models are in MetaVR's proprietary HPY format, which combines all texture files into a single archive, while incorporating security measures such as encryption and release dates. Only MetaVR applications such as VRSG and Model Viewer can load and view models in HPY format.


MetaVR Civilian 3D Models

Civilian Characters

MetaVR Civilian 3D Models

Military Characters

MetaVR Weapons 3D Models


MetaVR Animal 3D Models


Vehicles and Munitions
MetaVR Civilian Land Vehicles 3D Models

Civilian Land Vehicles

MetaVR Civilian Aircraft 3D Models

Civilian Aircraft

MetaVR Civilian Maritime 3D Models

Civilian Maritime Vessels

MetaVR Military Tracked 3D Models

Military Tracked Vehicles

MetaVR Military Wheeled 3D Models

Military Wheeled Vehicles

MetaVR Technicals 3D Models


MetaVR Military Fixed-Wing Aircraft 3D Models

Military Fixed-Wing Aircraft

MetaVR Military Rotary-Wing Aircraft 3D Models

Military Rotary-Wing Aircraft

MetaVR Military Unmanned Aircraft 3D Models

Military Unmanned Aircraft

MetaVR Naval Vessels 3D Models

Naval Vessels

MetaVR Radar and Jammer 3D Models

Radars and Jammers

MetaVR Munitions 3D Models


MetaVR Other Military 3D Models

Miltary Other

Cultural Features
MetaVR Civilian 3D Models

Airport Buildings

MetaVR Public Assembly Buildings 3D Models

Public Assembly Buildings

MetaVR Business Buildings 3D Models

Business Buildings

MetaVR Educational Buildings 3D Models

Educational Buildings

MetaVR Factory Buildings 3D Models

Factory Buildings

MetaVR High Hazard Buildings 3D Models

High Hazard Buildings

MetaVR Mercantile Buildings 3D Models

Mercantile Buildings

MetaVR MOUT Buildings 3D Models

MOUT Buildings

MetaVR Residential Buildings 3D Models

Residential Buildings

MetaVR Storage Buildings 3D Models

Storage Buildings

MetaVR Civilian 3D Models


MetaVR Civilian 3D Models


MetaVR Other Culture 3D Models

Other Culture

MetaVR Airfield 3D Models


MetaVR Construction Site 3D Models

Construction Site

MetaVR Wall, Gate and Fence 3D Models

Walls, Gates & Fences