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Overview of MetaVR 3D Model Libraries

MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™) is delivered with substantial libraries of over 7,400 models. All models in the libraries are in MetaVR's model format. You can use these models to populate the virtual worlds rendered in VRSG with cultural features and to interact with networked vehicle, munitions, and character entities in real time to carry out simulation and training scenarios.

MetaVR updates the model libraries frequently (approximately every two weeks) with new models in support of Combat Air Force Distributed Mission Operations (CAF DMO) requirements. New and updated models are listed here.

MetaVR customers on active software maintenance can download the latest models in the model libraries from MetaVR's Download Server at no additional charge. (Click here to request an account on MetaVR's Download Server.)


MetaVR's 3D character library includes over 550 3D character and weapon models, and nearly 1,350 character animations. (Some of the character models are licensed from aXYZ design and X-trusion.) You can immediately configure and use these models in your virtual world rendered in VRSG. The included animations portray all commonly used appearances required by the DIS protocol; VRSG automatically blends smooth animation transitions. In addition you can use your own custom characters, weapons, and animations in VRSG.



Weapons and Other Accoutrement


MetaVR's 3D vehicle library includes over 3,000 3D real-time military and civilian entity models. The models are constructed from data sources that include photographs of actual vehicles and feature highly detailed geometry; many also feature multiple paint schemes.

Nearly all the military entity models (vehicles and munitions) include articulated parts, damage states, advanced animations such as moving wheels or tank tracks that turn at a rate coupled to vehicle velocity. Most support time real-time, physics-based thermal sensor viewing within VRSG. The models can be used for combat vehicle identification and target recognition training via screen captures and videos of models placed in VRSG scenes.

Civilian Land
Civilian Air
Civilian Maritime

Military Tracked
Military Wheeled
Military Fixed-Wing
Military Rotary-Wing
Military Unmanned

Radar and Jammers


MetaVR's extensive libraries of 3D cultural feature content include over 4,150 models of buildings and other structures, foliage, signage, and street elements.

Airfield Buildings



Walls, Gates & Fences

All models are in MetaVR's proprietary HPY format, which combines all texture files into a single archive, while incorporating security measures such as encryption and release dates. Only MetaVR the VRSG and Model Viewer applications can load and view models in HPY format.

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