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US Army recently acquired 300 VRSG additional licenses for UAV training. US Army recently acquired 300 additional MetaVR VRSG licenses for Grey Eagle and Shadow operator training
I/ITSEC 2014. MetaVR to demonstrate products, technologies, and content at I/ITSEC in Booth #1249
MetaVR viusals in A-10 program. Recent sale of 11 VRSG licenses to the A-10 program, and maintenance renewal for 285 licenses, are latest in MetaVR's 13 years as primary supplier of 3D real-time visuals for A-10 FMTs
MSAT refresh Fallon. MetaVR visuals (22 licenses) are included in MSAT immersive JTAC dome refresh at Naval Air Station Fallon, NV
AAJTS simulator. Photo courtesy of Maj. Geoff Legler, Oklahoma National Guard Public Affairs. OK Air National Guard unveils first operational accredited AAJTS JTAC simulator in the US, with MetaVR visuals and terrain
 MetaVR's New Aerial Imagery Collection Aircraft and Process. MetaVR's new 1-inch resolution aerial imagery collection aircraft and process
MetaVR's featured 3D model. Featured model: DWL002 Chinese passive detection radar system (available at no charge to customers on active maintenance)

MetaVR has built a 3D virtual representation of the southern Somalia port city of Kismayo.

The high-resolution terrain is populated with hundreds of geographically specific culture models built from ground-level photographs taken on the streets of Kismayo.

MetaVR™ creates 3D real-time PC-based visual systems that provide the fidelity of geospecific simulation with game quality graphics. MetaVR's software products enable users to build high-fidelity virtual worlds with our terrain generation tools and render the resulting virtual world with our real-time 3D visualization application, Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™).

On the Microsoft Windows platform, MetaVR delivers high performance, networked, real-time, single- and multi-channel visual systems with 3D content by fielding our software technology on the latest commercial PC-based 3D graphics accelerators.

MetaVR's technology uses advanced terrain and texture paging algorithms to render geographically specific imagery over expansive terrain databases while providing such advanced visual features as full-scene anti-aliasing and continuous level-of-detail morphing.

All terrain database scene images on this site are real-time screen captures taken by MetaVR's 3D visualization product except where noted, and are unedited except to format for the website.

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