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MetaVR visuals are used in new F-16 Block 30 SCU9.0 training simulators at Kelly Field, for B Course and Pilot Training Next (PTN).
MetaVR and business partners at I/ITSEC
AFRL 711HPW/RHA renews software maintenance for 148 VRSG licenses and purchases 6 new licenses for multiple programs
MetaVR visuals in US Navy portable Fire Scout UAV simulator
MetaVR visuals in US Navy Combined Arms Virtual Environment (CAVE)
MetaVR visuals in JTAC distributed close air support exercise
MetaVR's featured 3D model. Featured model: VPK-233114 2A28 (available at no charge to customers on active maintenance)

Seventy-five new VRSG licenses were purchased for U.S. Air Force, AFRC, ANG, and EPAF F-16 programs, both for sites where VRSG is already used in training simulators and for new sites.

MetaVR® creates 3D real-time PC-based visual systems that provide the fidelity of geospecific simulation with game quality graphics. Our software products enable users to build high-fidelity geographically-specific virtual worlds with our terrain generation tools, add dense culture and pattern-of-life scenarios with our scenario creation tool, and render the result with our real-time 3D visualization application, Virtual Reality Scene Generator™ (VRSG™).

VRSG uses advanced terrain and texture paging algorithms to render geospecific imagery over expansive round-earth 3D terrain. As a DIS-based application, VRSG is fully interoperable with other DIS-compliant applications through DIS or CIGI, on systems ranging from laptops to immersive domes. Delivered with VRSG are robust libraries of 3D models and high-resolution terrain of the USA and many other areas of interest around the world.


All terrain database scene images on this site are real-time screen captures taken by MetaVR's 3D visualization product except where noted, and are unedited except to format for the website.

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